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Space for comfortable work

Quiet comfort

We have specially designated areas for meetings and phone calls. Nothing will interrupt your attention.

For gourmands

You will enjoy professionally brewed coffee from our special blend of freshly roasted beans. Join us — we have cookies. And cafe in place.

Fast internet access

Fast and unlimited wired and wireless access. No limits, no restrictions, no censorship.

Vibrant community

The unique environment of creativity and innovation will unlock your potential.

Place for events

Projectors, mics, sound equipment and catering services — everything for your great event!

Convenient location

Right in the center of Odessa — halfway from the railway station or Deribasovskaya.

Choose the rate that fits you
3 days access
Are you traveling for business or leisure?
15 days access
Shared desk, all amenities unlocked.
Resident Lite
Unlimited access
в месяц
Non-fixed work place

Ethernet option

Business mail address

Free attendance of some events


Two weeks freeze during 6 months

Resident Full
Unlimited access
в месяц
Fixed work place

24/7 access

Ethernet option

Business mail address

Free attendance of some events


Two weeks freeze during 6 months

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Наши контакты

Odessa, Rishelievskaya St., 33.

Tel.: +380 48 7357275

email: info@terminal42.com.ua

Weekday 9am-10pm, Weekend 11am-10pm
(24/7 access for customers of «Resident full» package)